Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a seemingly “silent crime”.  Consider the following:

The average girl will be raped 6,000 times,

has a life expectancy of seven years, and

a one in a hundred chance of being recovered.

It is unfathomable how young girl can endure being raped six times, let alone 6,000 times, and, no doubt, brutally and still have the will to live.

Human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world with net annual revenue exceeding $30,000,000.

Not a single country can claim that trafficking is in abstentia; including right the United States.

As individuals and through social media, we can insure that others are educated, that suspected trafficking is reported and that law enforcement takes a much harder stance.

We have the power to influence policy makers, governments and law enforcement agencies to increase their expenditures reduce the incidence of trafficking, increase the number of “slaves” recovered, and to create a comprehensive system that facilitates healing.


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