Nature’s Pharmacy: Saving Our Rain Forests

Tropical rain forests are being rapidly depleted. The best known cause is deforestation by agricultural, mining and logging interests.

Equally significant is the devastation wreaked on our rain forests by acid rain.  Acid rain is produced by man-made CO2 emissions.  Acid rain damages the leaves, trees and even the soil.  This causes the release of nitrogen and sulfur into its waterways further damaging fish and other aquatic species.

While is easy to relate to the need to protect the rain forest’s plants and animals for their BioDiversity, there is also a need to protect rain forest around the globe as they are nature’s greatest pharmacy.  For instance, the rain forest is responsible for 60% of all presently used cancer fighting drugs.

CO2 emissions are not only caused by industry, but by us as individuals.  This is called a “carbon footprint”.

Here are some ideas by which each of us can reduce our “carbon footprint”:

  • Drive less, and carpool or take mass transit more often;
  • Purchase organic foods and Biodegradable products;
  • Eat less beef;
  • Recycle;
  • Compost this Fall;
  • Use natural herbicides, pesticides, cleaning and health care products, the ingredients for many of which are already found in our homes;
  • Participate in clean-up efforts;
  • Look for local conservation efforts that are already in place.  Start there;
  • Educate our children by modeling Eco-friendly behavior; and
  • Urge lawmakers. stakeholders and educators to include climate change in the curriculum taught our youth.


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