Kindness Is Magic


I believe in the magic of kindness.

In social media, for some time now, I have used the hash-tag #KindnessISMagic.  It is a hash-tag I have continued using as judging by the returns and favorites on Twitter it has been positively received.

This has caused me to pause and reflect upon “Why?”  As my understanding of our global crisis has deepened, I have come to conclude that there is a lack of positivity not only the news but in our everyday worlds.  So, over the last month or so, I have engaged in my own “social experiment” by using “kindness is magic” in my everyday encounters wanting to know if something that traverses the internet had any practical application.  Having now done so, I have wanted for some time now to pen a post about “putting it into practice.”

Sustaining water damage requiring the installation of new carpet, I purchased it from a large home retailer, which uses independent contractors for the installation.  The installers arrived late one morning just as I was about ready to get on Twitter.  Trusting I could leave them to their work, I headed outside the deck, my “home office”.  It was only a matter of minutes before the team leader appeared, informing me that moving a stand-up piano was not part of the contract to “move everything.”

Having previously moved the piano across the room with the help of a 14 year old, I replied, “The piano is on wheels.  If one of you would help me, I know we can easily shift it out of the way.”


He headed out to the work truck and plopped down on the tailgate along with his team, as if staging a silent protest.

My phone quickly rang.  The caller was a young lady from the home retailer.  She first repeated what I had already been told.  I replied that I had been unaware that moving everything did not include everything.  Then it occurred to me that my thinking was neither going to get the job done nor did it represent what I believe.  So I shifted my perspective.

“You know, kindness is true magic.  Two people mindfully working together can find a solution to almost any problem.  There are always solutions.  This piano can be moved.  I offered to move it with the installers but they said no.  Now they are just sitting when they could be finishing this job and moving on to the next one.  I don’t understand the logic here.  It would seem to me that everyone’s interests would be best served if all worked together.  Kindness really is magic.”


She paused, not quite sure how to take that, as that was mostly not what people usually say.  Then she replied, “You’re right.  I am coming right over to take care of this.”

The smile in her voice was so discernible that it made me smile.  Her kindness was magic.

She quickly arrived.  The piano was moved.  Ultimately, neither she nor I helped move it.  The workers moved it and they did without complaint as if the magic of kindness had touched them too.

What caught me off guard was that she then stuck around helping me move the accumulated stuff occupying the floor of a storage closet I had been remiss in emptying.

It was as if each act of kindness generated even more kindness.

Ergo, my hash-tag #LoveProducesMoreLove.

This scenario has repeated itself many times.  Now, I consciously “put it into practice” in my more frequent everyday encounters such as when checking out at a store.  When the clerk has been up-beat, sporting a smile, the words “kindness is magic” are accepted as a compliment.  When the clerk is having a bad day, it almost always replaces a grimace with a smile.

The surprise has been that just about everyone within hearing distance automatically smiles, having been caught off-guard by hearing something positive.

Someone today posted that, “We choose our destiny by how we treat others.”

I choose the magic of kindness.


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